Quality Monitoring Programs

There’s no doubt that providing your customers with a positive experience just makes good business sense. Interactions with your Customer Service team are an integral part of the overall customer journey, so it’s important to make the most of this opportunity. 

CSR Inc.’s Quality Monitoring and Evaluation programs are designed to continually motivate your call center agents to exceed your customers’ expectations. And happy customers are loyal customers!

Your team is the face of your business.

Your Customer Service team is a primary point of contact for your customer base and in many ways acts as the “face of your business”.

How those interactions go on a day-to-day basis can have a tremendous impact on:

  • Your customer retention rate
  • The average lifetime value (LTV) of your customer base
  • Your company’s reputation on social media
  • The likelihood of getting referrals
  • The overall loyalty of your customer base
  • Employee retention

Increasing Sales & Customer Retention

For over 30 years, CSR has been designing and implementing Quality Assurance Programs for Customer Service teams for a wide range of businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our performance measurement programs are custom made to your company’s specific needs and business objectives. Whether your focus is improving the performance of your entire team or simply a subset or specialty queue, CSR will tailor a program designed to maximize the performance of your team. 

CSR Inc.’s Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Programs Include:

  • Documented performance standards that support your company’s business goals, service vision, training and sales expectations
  • Monitoring forms that are in alignment with your performance standards
  • Consistent and unbiased evaluation of your front-line performance and the impact they are having on the customer journey
  • Accurate and consistent evaluations of your calls, emails and chats
  • Coaching comments on each evaluation directing Supervisors and call center agents toward peak performance
  • Regular calibration with your management and supervisors
  • A wide range of on-demand reporting, with a 24/7 accessible platform

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Mystery Calls & Recorded Call Evaluations

CSR Inc. is a leader in the call center quality monitoring industry and our experienced professionals deliver unbiased assessments of your front-line team’s performance. In addition, our highly trained evaluators analyze each customer interaction in accordance with your pre-established policies and performance standards.

To effectively measure the customer experience, CSR Inc. will listen to or experience transactions with your front-line personnel directly. We accomplish that by placing mystery calls (live interactions) or reviewing previously recorded calls, or a combination of both. Using our continuous call recording and evaluation process ensures consistency and prevents a lapse in monitoring in your call center organization.

Agent Coaching

To successfully motivate your call center agents and develop a culture of continuous improvement, it’s important to put a positive approach when providing feedback and suggestions for improved performance. CSR Inc.’s trained professionals provide real-time positively positioned agent coaching directly after the interaction and provide helpful skill building feedback that can be implemented in their very next call!   

On-Demand Reporting

CSR Inc. offers a full suite of intuitive, user-friendly web-based reporting for on-demand access to your results 24/7.

Beyond the Customer:

The Challenge of Employee Retention

Now more than ever, companies are facing the challenge of attracting and retaining talent.  Businesses need to rethink their approach to managing and incentivizing their workforce to adapt to this current competitive environment.

Quality monitoring that is fair, unbiased, transparent, and focused on growth can contribute to creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to stay with your organization long term. This translates into better customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction and lower turnover rates. Investing in your front-line also helps develop leaders who are then prepared for a career path within your organization. 

Help your front line improve your bottom line.

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