Quality Program Development

Customer service guidelines are a document that outlines the standards, procedures and expectations to help your call center agents deliver an excellent customer experience.

For over three decades, CSR Inc. has worked with countless companies to assist them in measuring compliance with their Customer Service Programs.

Why should you establish customer service guidelines?

Establishing well-defined customer service guidelines are important for a number of reasons:

  • Alignment with your company’s overall strategic goals
  • Setting expectations and ensuring that everyone is “one the same page” with processes and procedures
  • Clarity around benchmarks and metrics
  • Lastly, a comprehensive roadmap to delivering an exceptional customer experience

Developing Quality Monitoring / Measurement Programs & Performance Standards

The experienced team at CSR Inc. will help you design and implement your Quality Monitoring Program. As a third-party resource, CSR Inc. delivers unbiased assessments of your team’s performance, creating a fair and objective quality monitoring program.

We collaborate with your team to define and develop specific, objective, measurable performance behaviors. These behaviors are defined and documented and become the performance standards for how your call center agents are expected to interact with your customers.

But our work doesn’t stop there. CSR Inc.’s goal is to create a long-term partnership between your leadership team and our client services group. Our objective is to continually support your goals by reviewing your progress, keep you informed and provide you with ongoing recommendations to improve your call center performance.  

On-Demand Reporting

CSR Inc. provides intuitive, user-friendly web-based reporting for on-demand access to your results 24/7. Real-time web access lets you quickly gauge how your representatives are performing and allows you to react accordingly.

Our reporting platform enables your management team to review results at their convenience, selecting from many report filtering and sorting methods so they can drill down and retrieve specific, targeted and relevant information, choosing whichever best meets your company’s needs. 

Our suite of standard and custom reports includes the following:

  • Location Reports
  • Trending and Graph Reports
  • Data Mining / Cross Tab Reports/Raw Data Pulls
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Configurable Headers for Agent Evaluation
  • Reporterator – Our team can build many client-specific reports without the expense of programming

Guiding Principles for Call Center Managers

The performance standards developed by CSR Inc. also function as the backbone of your front-line call center agent training, coaching and feedback, internal & external monitoring, and overall performance measurement. These clear performance standards will help your call center management team provide positive reinforcement and motivation, while ensuring consistency throughout your organization.

Calibration Sessions

On a regular basis, the CSR Inc. management team will meet with your supervisory team to calibrate. These “calibration sessions” bring together your supervisors and CSR Inc. managers to listen to calls, reach consensus on proper scoring, and role-play a coaching session.

Once established, call center  guidelines and programs should be considered a “living document” that  will be reevaluated periodically to ensure relevancy and continued alignment with your company’s current goals and objectives.

Improve your team and your bottom line with well thought out guidelines.

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