Social Media Listening
& Monitoring

CSR Inc.’s social listening platform tracks real-time consumer sentiment, keeping you informed about changes in brand discussions and mood. It acts as an early warning system, alerting you to positive or negative shifts in online perception. If customer sentiment declines, our platform helps you identify the source and address potential PR issues promptly.

We simplify online community management by enabling quick responses to negative sentiment and complaints. CSR Inc. ensures your success in this fast-moving digital landscape by staying connected to customer opinions.

Listening and Understanding

Social listening is the practice of monitoring social media for brand mentions, including those of your competitors. Without a social listening strategy, you could miss out on valuable data that gives you a competitive advantage. CSR Inc.’s platform analyzes customer comments on social channels, providing a clear understanding of their thoughts on your company.

Our platform allows you to track real-time mentions of your brand and gain insights on:

  • Customer sentiments towards your products or services
  • Identified pain points
  • Likelihood of customer recommendations
  • Requests for additional products or services

These insights inform your product/service decisions and overall business strategy. Monitoring online conversations reveals what is and isn’t working, both for your brand and competitors. Social listening helps with product development, customer service, marketing departments and C-suite.

The bottom line is that social media listening helps you understand customer expectations, enabling quick and appropriate responses.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

  • Drastic reduction in the time required to manually monitor numerous social media platforms
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Better understanding of voice-of-customer
  • Address negative impacts to your brand in real-time
  • Measure overall consumer sentiment
  • Ability to respond to customers from a single platform

Powerful Analytics and Metrics

Powerful analytics and metrics are at your disposal with CSR Inc. Our customizable dashboards offer intuitive insights and allow you to create and share comprehensive reports. Monitor your brand in real-time and listen to the voice of your customers.

CSR Inc. will not only help you survive – but thrive – in this fast-moving digital landscape by keeping your finger on the pulse of customer opinions.