Training Workshops

In today’s hyper-connected world, where posts and comments can quickly go viral, exceptional customer service is crucial for maintaining a strong reputation. CSR Inc. provides comprehensive training that aligns with your organization’s needs and business objectives.

We offer customized programs that benefit call center agents as well as any department or group. We also provide training and consulting services for companies that use chat agents and outsourced agents. In short, CSR, Inc. has the experience and expertise to train just about anyone!

Find a program that works best for your team

The first point of contact plays a significant role in shaping customer perceptions and ensuring satisfaction and loyalty. Our experienced trainers use real-world exercises, group activities, and practical methods to equip your customer service team with immediately applicable skills. This modular training approach results in a significant return on your training investment.

Choose from interactive, in person, or e-learning solutions targeted at your frontline call center team.

Online E-Learning

In-Person Training

Customer Service Training Programs

Program training topics include:

  • Delivering excellent customer service 
  • Handling inquiries and complaints that result in a positive experience for the customer
  • Telephone etiquette, thoughtful word choices and tone of voice
  • Successful conflict resolution – successfully handling difficult and angry customers
  • Exceptional sales techniques for agents
  • Exceeding expectations on a daily basis

And beyond the benefits to your customers, call center and internal department training can also help with increasing employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and fostering employee retention.

Customer Service Supervisor & Manager Training

Empower your leadership teams to inspire your call center staff by creating a work environment based on motivational feedback and positive reinforcement. Our customer Service Supervisor and Manager Training programs combine behavioral, process and leadership skill building resulting in highly motivated call center teams. 

Our goal is to help your organization achieve the level of customer care that will help you gain and retain customers. 

Your managers will learn how to communicate more effectively with customer service representatives to maximize their performance. The training program will demonstrate the importance of developing a personal management plan for each member that is tailored to their unique strengths, personality and skill set.  Personalized feedback is provided to each manager that allows them to immediately apply their skills to their call center teams.

Program training topics include:

  • Inspiring your teams with a customer-focused strategy
  • Monitoring and coaching workshops for supervisors and managers
  • Coaching the Coach for directors and managers
  • How to effectively give and receive feedback
  • Coaching Support for supervisors
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognizing excellence

The skill building concepts presented in CSR Inc.’s Call Center Manager Training programs will enable your leadership team to immediately build and sustain a successful and effective customer-focused call center strategy.

Training from CSR Inc. will keep your whole team motivated to improve and succeed!

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